Contemplative Practitioner Research Participants Needed

Research and scholarship on mindfulness is one of the fastest growing areas in science. The number of scientific publications has been skyrocketing (See above). Over the last decade this research has convincingly demonstrated that engaging in mindfulness and contemplative practices produce marked changes in the practitioner. These changes include alterations of the physiology, including the brain, and alteration in the individual’s psychological and emotional state. These changes have been shown to be beneficial for the individual’s physical and mental wellbeing. But, the research is in its infancy and there is a tremendous amount of work that has yet to be performed. In addition, little is known about the processes of mindfulness and contemplative practices and which practices work best for which people under what circumstances.

You can help in developing understanding about mindfulness and awakening by registering in the Mindfulness and Awakening Research Registry”. You can be a part of this important initiative. If you are currently a regular practitioner of mindfulness techniques such as meditation, yoga, contemplative prayer, etc. Please seriously consider giving your time, experiences, and understanding to helping others by registering.
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2 thoughts on “Contemplative Practitioner Research Participants Needed

  1. Hi. I am interested in being studied for your research. I have been practicing meditation daily for 8 years. I use mindfulness of breath and body as my primary meditation technique but I also use jappa and mindful walking.

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