Mindfulness and Awakening Research Registry

College of Humanities and Social Sciences,
Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX

Dr. John M. de Castro, Director

Research and scholarship on mindfulness is one of the fastest growing areas in science. The number of scientific publications has been skyrocketing (See graph on right). Over the last decade this research has convincingly demonstrated that engaging in mindfulness and contemplative practices produce marked changes in the practitioner. These changes include alterations of the physiology, including the brain, and alteration in the individual's psychological and emotional state. These changes have been shown to be beneficial for the individual's physical and mental wellbeing. But, the research is in its infancy and there is a tremendous amount of work that has yet to be performed. In addition, little is known about the processes of mindfulness and contemplative practices and which practices work best for which people under what circumstances.

An example of growth in the mindfulness research literature across 32 years, 1980 - 2012

The Mindfulness and Awakening Research Registry is designed to facilitate the needed research by recruiting mindfulness and contemplation practitioners who are willing to help with the research. This is important to better understand the process and the impact of these practices. This could be very useful for future applications of mindfulness and contemplative practices to human flourishing.

The Mindfulness and Awakening Research Registry consists of a listing of individuals who are involved in mindfulness and/or contemplative practices and who are willing to be contacted for possible recruitment into appropriate scientific studies. Absolute confidentiality is maintained of the individuals names and contact information in the registry.

Once registered, participants will be contacted periodically by the registry with information regarding scientific research studies that are recruiting participants. Registrants will receive information about the project and instructions as to how to participate if interested. Registrants do not have to participate in any projects. Participation is entirely voluntary.

All contact is solely through the registry. This allows for the maintenance of strict confidentiality. Registrants will not be directly contacted by anyone other than the registry unless express permission is given to do so. No information will be given out to anyone about the registrants unless express permission is given by the registrant.

Prior to receiving any information regarding a scientific study, the project will have been rigorously reviewed by the registry administrator for the soundness of the research and credibility of the scientists. This is designed to insure that all requests for participation will only be for research that is credible, scientifically sound, and important.

The Mindfulness and Awakening Research Registry can be of great benefit to the scientific study of mindfulness and/or contemplative practices. It provides a significant pool of potential research participants. A frequent impediment to important research is the great difficult in identifying and recruiting individuals with certain characteristics as participants. The idea of the registry is to provide a mechanism whereby potential participants become available for scientific study while maintaining strict security and confidentiality about the individuals in the registry.

You can help in developing understanding about mindfulness and awakening by registering in the Mindfulness and Awakening Research Registry”. You can be a part of this important initiative. If you are currently a regular practitioner of mindfulness techniques such as meditation, yoga, contemplative prayer, etc. Please seriously consider giving your time, experiences, and understanding to helping others by registering.

Note: If you agree to participate you will be asked to answer a series of questions. The answers to these questions are important as they will allow the registry to better understand you and your contemplative practices. The questions should take less than an hour to complete. You can complete them partially and come back later to add to, complete, or change your answers. But, remember, it is important that you complete all sections as best you can.

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